It has been a difficult few months for all of us in Michigan. We’ve been separated from our friends, our activities and, for many of us, our voice. Please know that your artistic team (Megan, Ben & Jemal) as well as your board members (Kathe, Kathy, Miranda, Kim & George) have not only been thinking about all of you, but have been trying to look at what we will be able to do as a choir for the 2020/2021 season.


We were all very sad that we could not be together at the end of April to have our Spring Concert or our end-of-the-year banquet. BUT, we are all determined to create a meaningful season for us in this upcoming year. We know that schoolwork, staying at home, weird Michigan weather (!) and the unknown has made plans for the summer and fall all seem to fall to pieces. We want you to know, that the Lansing Children’s Choir will be here for you and your families as we traverse the unknown, together! Making music along the way!


We have, currently, three plans that we are working off of…Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. With all of our planning, we are taking into consideration State of Michigan guidelines, local health department guidelines, City of Lansing School District plans. We, just like you, have no idea where our country, state or city will be in regard to COVID-19 when August rolls around, but know that we are trying to anticipate what type of contact we can have and music we can make with all of our fabulous singers!

We are moving ahead with PLAN A - all virtual. Please contact us for more information, or to have your singer included in on the fun!


Below are some of the details (as far as we can control) for those plans.



  • The Lansing School District has not opened schools for the fall semester.

  • We will be providing a monthly “Choral Box” for each child in the choir. This box will contain at least one piece of music to learn, rehearsal aid, music history, music theory, something fun to have, something creative to do/make. 

  • We will meet via Zoom during our regular rehearsal time and possibly one additional time (weekly) for sectional rehearsals (in groups of 10 or so).



  • The Lansing School District has deemed it “partially” safe to reopen schools, possibly in a hybrid schedule.

  • We will have smaller groups rehearse (no more than 15 people) in two separate locations at First Presbyterian Church.

  • We will ask that all singers and family members enter the building with masks. Children may take their masks off when we sing. 

  • Monthly Choral Boxes will still be going out or available to pick up.

  • We will have a weekly Zoom meeting for all singers.



  • There is a vaccine and rapid testing (readily available) for everyone at no or little cost.

  • The Lansing School District as deemed it safe to reopen schools on a regular basis, we will be able to have rehearsal with both the Treble Choir and the Lansing Chorale.  (This may be the case in January 2021)

  • Monthly Choral Boxes will still be going out or available to pick up.

  • We will rehearse in smaller groups of approximately 10 singers a piece in two different areas of First Presbyterian Church. 

  • Parents, who decide to stay in the waiting area should maintain appropriate social distancing, avoid having “extra people” with them and possibly wear a mask.



Choral Box

By now, you’re probably thinking, “what is the Choral Box”? Great question! We are working on having a resource for every singer, monthly, that would include:

            Song of the Month

            Music Theory

            Music History

            Rehearsal Aids

            Music “craft”

            Music “fun”


Your artistic team is working on the details of each box. The purpose of this is to allow all of our singers to be working on becoming even better musicians, learn new music, and have fun! We recognize that not all families either have readily available technology in their homes, so we are trying to make sure that EVERY CHILD can stay engaged and feel part of our wonderful singing community!




Our 2020/2021 Schedule, which is subject to change, would be as follows!


August 26 (Wednesday) – Open House and Bring a Friend (in person or via Zoom)

Week of August 30 – September Choral Box delivered/available


September 9  (Wednesday) – first rehearsal (Zoom) & Bring a Friend!

September 16 (Wednesday) – Bring a Friend! (Zoom)

Week of September 28 – October Choral Box delivered/available


October 3 (Saturday) – Choir Retreat (will be virtual)

Week of October 26 – November Choral Box delivered/available


Week of November 30 – December Choral Box delivered/available


December 9 (Wednesday) – Possibility of Caroling in Downtown Lansing

(choir off from Dec. 10 – Jan. 12)


Week of January 11 – January Choral Box delivered/available

January 13 (Wednesday) – rehearsals resume

January 23 (Saturday) – Winter Concert